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Stop Production Computer Crashes Now!

Posted by DustFreePC on 6/03/2015 at 8:33 am

Dust, Grime, Heat and Corrosion are Big Problems for Your Computers

We all know that harsh work floor environments can be damaging to production floor electronics. According to computer manufactures, the number one reason for electronic hardware failure in harsh work environments is the buildup of excessive heat caused by dust, dirt, oily grime and corrosion accumulating on sensitive computer parts.


Keeping the Dust Out is More Important than Ever:

As PCs get faster, their internal components are getting hotter and hotter. In fact, hot enough to burn your skin if touched. That constant hum your hearing inside the box is the sound of fans laboring to keep connections and components as cool as possible. However if your computer fans are choking on dust you’re fighting a losing battle. If left unchecked, your hard drive is getting ready to crash.


Protecting Your Hardware from Dust, Heat and Corrosion:

Dust Free PC offers NEMA style, industrial tough Computer Enclosures, Printer Enclosures, Server Enclosures, Workstation Enclosures, TV/LCD Enclosure and Custom Designed Enclosures. Our industrial enclosures act like “Mini Cleanrooms” to protect your sensitive hardware from dust, dirt, oily grime and corrosion in even the harshest work environments.


What’s the Right Temperature for Healthy Running Hardware?

Virtually all computer manufactures suggest that you maintain environmental temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. 


When CPUs Overheat, Bad Things Happen:

Excessive amounts of heat can cause CPUs to make computational errors and produce blue-screen errors for no apparent reason.  It’s also possible to corrupt a database as a direct result of errors produced during overheating. Other symptoms of overheating can include video and other component failure.  Just as importantly, any unexpected hardware crashes will most certainly cause unexpected work stoppages, missed deadlines and affect your bottom line.


Want to Beat Excessive Heat?

Dust Free PC offers NEMA style, industrial tough Air Conditioned Enclosures and Custom Designed Air Conditioned Enclosures. Our A/C Enclosures maintain proper temperature ranges, to fight against data lose and unexpected shut downs. Our enclosures also help to eliminate damaging corrosion by removing the dust that attracts damaging moisture to critical chips, components and circuitry.


Dust Free PC manufactures a family of American made - NEMA style enclosure constructed of industrial grade ABS materials to keep your production hardware up and running…cool and clean.


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