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Founded in 1999, Dust Free PC is a premier manufacturer of a full line of environmental protective computer enclosures, printer enclosures and electronic equipment enclosures. Headquartered in Jacksonville Florida, we take great pride in the quality, effectiveness and value of all the products we manufacture.

Our top quality, Made in America products include:

  • Computer Enclosures: serve as a computer air-filter which keeps airborne debris from entering and damaging your computer hardware.
  • Printer Enclosures: they work like an industrial printer dust cover and are designed for easy access to change labels.
  • Server Enclosures: If you need a mobile “clean room than our server enclosures are a perfect fit for your business.
  • Enclosed Workstations: Our NEMA style dual-fan positive pressure enclosures are the most user friendly on the market.
  • Air Conditioned Enclosures: Our A/C solution can be added to most enclosures with up to 6500 BTU’s of self-contained cooling power.
  • TV/LCD Enclosures: The DFP800 series of enclosures are built for your specific television model.
  • Custom Solutions: Rapid Prototyping and Production…Dust Free PC offers full service, in-house, CAD and CNC prototyping and production capabilities to provide timely solutions to fit your specific needs. Our design team will work with you to ensure the end product is what you need to protect your mission critical electronic systems.
  • Custom Design Service: Using state of the art design tools, the Dust Free PC design team can custom design any enclosure to fit your specific requirements. We provide you with a detailed 3D image of your cabinetry to ensure you get exactly want you need prior to building the prototype. Competitively priced, Dust Free PC offers one of the fastest design/build and prototyping services in the industry.

Mission Statement

Dust Free PC has one clear mission - “Providing the finest quality environmental computer enclosures available on the market. In support our clients’ individual needs we continue to ensure the best solution, the best value and the best in customer service to every client...everyday”.

Space Saving Wall Mount Server Enclosures

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