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  • Computer Enclosures

    Computer Enclosures

    Dust Free PC Computer enclosures and cabinets create a mini clean-room for your PC.

  • Printer Enclosures

    Printer Enclosures

    Dust Free PC Printer enclosures are built for your specific printer. So no matter what brand you have, we’ve got your printer covered.

  • Server Enclosures

    Server Enclosures

    Keep mission critical applications running with custom fit, Dust Free PC Server enclosures.

  • Computer Workstation Enclosures

    Computer Workstation Enclosures

    Mobile computer workstation enclosures are built tough with industry in mind. Available in wide screen units.

  • Air Condition Computer Enclosures

    Air Condition Computer Enclosures

    Stop the heat with a Dust Free PC A/C unit! Compatible with most enclosures.

  • TV/LCD Enclosures

    TV/LCD Enclosures

    Flat Screen TV enclosures are designed for use in harsh environments.

  • Green Cord

    Green Cord

    Start saving today – with Dust Free PC’s exclusive Green Power solution.

  • Enclosure Filters

    Enclosure Filters

    Keep your enclosure running clean with Dust Free PC’s genuine micron filter replacements. (Available in sizes to fit all competitors makes and models).

  • Accessories


    Custom accessories designed for your Dust Free PC enclosures.

  • Custom Solutions

    Custom Solutions

    Rapid Prototyping and Production. Dust Free PC offers full service, in-house, CAD and CNC prototyping and production capabilities to provide timely solutions to fit your specific needs. Our design team will work with you to ensure the end product is what you need to protect your mission critical electronic systems.

  • Custom Design Service

    Custom Design Service

    Using state of the art design tools, the Dust Free PC design team can custom design any enclosure to fit your specific requirements. We provide you with a detailed 3D image of your cabinetry to ensure you get exactly want you need prior to building the prototype. Competitively priced, Dust Free PC offers one of the fastest design/build and prototyping services in the industry.


Space Saving Wall Mount Server Enclosures

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