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DFP400P Printer Enclosure

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The DFP400P series of printer enclosures are designed to minimize downtime and to keep your printer running clean. They work like an industrial printer dust cover, keeping airborne debris from entering and damaging your printer. Our NEMA style positive pressure printer cabinets are the most user friendly on the market featuring a removable base for total access and doors designed for easy access for loading and copy retrieval. DFP400P series enclosures are built for your specific model printer. Our industrial tough ABS construction will work seamlessly with wireless networks. All of our dust free printer enclosures come with a 3-year warranty.

DFP400P Printer Enclosure
  • DFP400P Printer Enclosure
  • DFP400P Printer Enclosure
  • DFP400P Printer Enclosure

Model Number

Outside Dimensions

Maximum Usable


DFP400P length + width + height = 24" or less $399.00
DFP400P1 length + width + height = 45" or less $429.00
DFP400P2 length + width + height = 46" to 55" $519.00
DFP400P3 length + width + height = 56" to 70" $599.00
DFP400P4 length + width + height = 71 to 120" $719.00

Enclosure Features

  • Micron fan and filter system
  • Minimize downtime
  • Large access doors
  • Removable base for easy equipment access
  • Built for your specific printer
  • Ideal for wireless networks
  • User friendly design
  • NEMA rated enclosure
  • Positive pressure enclosure
  • Industrial ABS construction with Stainless steel fasteners
  • 3 year warranty

Available Accessories

  • Green power cord
  • Alarm temperature gauge
  • Splashguard
  • Fan silencer
  • Workstation Stand
  • Security locks
  • Heater
  • Air condition

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