DFP100 Table Top CPU

DFP200F PC Enclosure

DFP200R Rear Door Fan/Filter

Custom sizes available for any server enclosure

DFP201-RB Roller Base

DFP250A All In One PC Enclosure

Monitor enclosure for ELO 2293L

DFP250D 22" ELO Touch Screen

DFP200MKS Table Top Workstation

DFP200MKS-TS Touch Screen Workstation

DFP320MKS-W-BP2 Mobile Workstation

Will hold full size CRT monitor

DFP350 Mobile Workstation

DFP350F Mobile Workstation

DFP350 with Large Printer Enclosure on Right Side


Laser Printer, PC, Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse

DFP355 Computer Printer Workstation

Data Max, Epson, Intermec, Okidata, Sato, Toshiba & Zebra Barcode Printers

DFP455MKS-BP Bar Code & Laser Printer

Data Max, Epson, Intermec, Okidata, Sato, Toshiba & Zebra Barcode Printers

DFP400L Thermal Label Printer Enclosure


DFP400P1 Printer Enclosure


DFP400P-ZSA Printer Enclosure Stand


DFP400BP-LCBB Label Catch Printer Enclosure

Need a to heat up your label printer while in your cold storage?

DFP400BPU Barcode Printer Enclosure

Easily remove the doors by lifting up on them while open. Simple slide off hinge.

DFP400BPU-ZSA Barcode Printer Stand

DFP400LBPK Label Printer Enclosure

DFP400P2AC Large Custom Printer Enclosure

DFP455 Quick Copy Access Printer Enclosure

DFP 201-29-18U

29" Deep, 18U Server Rack

DFP201AC-PF Air Conditioned Server Enclosure

Wall Mount Server Enclosure

Keyence IM 7000 Mobile Workstation

Two drawer and two cabinet work area

Keyence IM 7000 with DFP310A Work Space

Keyence IM 7000 Table Top Enclosure

Keyence IM 7000 Table Top Enclosure

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