Air Conditioning to Cool Your Investment

June 17, 2022

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The summer months continue to bring record temperatures to many areas of the country that may have been ill-prepared to deal with a sudden onslaught of heat and humidity. At Dust Free PC, we take great pride in being able to quickly deliver cooling solutions for the most sophisticated equipment needs. Anytime the ambient temperature is not adequate to cool work spaces, air conditioned computer enclosures are a smart answer to protect sensitive electronic equipment like servers, barcode printers, and Keyence instruments. That’s why our sealed AC enclosures are designed to both prevent the ingress of damaging contaminants as well as effectively manage temperature and without sacrifice to critical floor space.

Even in tight work areas, Dust Free PC’s self-contained cabinetry makes it easy to protect sensitive components from a variety of environmental hazards including extreme temperatures. For those with more specific needs, our sealed enclosures can be uniquely manufactured to meet the most stringent requirements. Moreover, our design team is experienced at addressing issues in advance that could cost your company money due to equipment downtime. Whether you need smart access to equipment that requires routine maintenance or built-in spaces for cabling and power, our enclosures will also provide optimal security. Let us modify your NEMA 4, NEMA 12 or NEMA 4X enclosures for full temperature control with side-to-side or up-and-down airflow.

Ready to Install AC Enclosures & Air Conditioners*

It's never a prudent decision to take risks when equipment failure could lead to lost productivity. That’s why we provide commercial grade air conditioning solutions for critical equipment that can be threatened by dangerous over-heating from environmental extremes. In addition, our enclosure air conditioners arrive ready to install in your office, equipment room, data center, or industrial environment. You will never need to worry about keeping circulating air within the cabinet enclosure clean, dry, or cool. If you are retrofitting existing equipment enclosures, we offer an extensive selection of air to air heat exchangers with a variety of cooling capacities and mounting configurations.

*NOTE: Dust Free PC can drop ship air conditioners directly to customers who choose to install air-to-air heat exchangers to their existing equipment enclosures themselves. Call 800-775-7611 for details.

Based on the details for your specific installation, our air conditioners can be installed on the side or in the back of the cabinet as a free standing unit. Custom cabinets are configured to match your deployment and electrical requirements with the correct AC cooling capacity to meet your specific needs. Our NEMA-rated air conditioned enclosures are designed to fully protect workstation computers, blade servers, routers, barcode printers, and other critical workplace equipment. Moreover, all of our air conditioned computer enclosures are built from the highest industrial grade materials to provide excellent environmental protection for years of continuous operation.

Dust Free PC Enclosures Are Built Industrial Tough

Generally speaking, computers and other electronic equipment cannot survive on their own when exposed to extremely hot or cold processing spaces. If the ambient air is not enough to keep your equipment from melting down or freezing up in a busy work area, Dust Free PC heat-controlled or air conditioned computer enclosures are manufactured from the toughest materials to deliver the exact level of protection your equipment requires. For most industrial, business, and consumer applications, there are distinct advantages of machining products from ABS thermoplastics as compared to using metal alloys. In addition, our climate controlled enclosures feature industry-specific air conditioners, heaters, thermostats, and custom filters to protect against hazardous contaminants to keep equipment safe in any environment.

Expensive computer equipment, thermal printers, LCD monitors and host of workplace peripherals can overheat inside of a sealed enclosure causing sensitive electronics to cease working or to dramatically slow down. Whether you need an air conditioned barcode printer enclosure, air conditioned server enclosure, air conditioned computer workstation enclosure, tabletop air conditioned enclosure or air conditioned NEMA rated enclosure, our dust-free cabinets are made in America and available in NEMA type 12, 4 and 4X and ratings of 1000 BTU/H or 2000 BTU/H. Each unit is equipped to deliver the temperature control needed to keep sensitive equipment at the optimum operating temperature with the right air conditioning for hot environments as well as the supplemental heating to prevent condensation in colder work conditions.

For information and pricing about air conditioners for your existing enclosures or to discuss your specific needs for a Dust Free PC air conditioned computer enclosures to properly protect your sensitive equipment, contact us using this website’s convenient contact form or dial 800-775-7611 to speak directly with our equipment specialists.

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