How To Keep Your Servers Clean

June 25, 2021

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Keep Your Server Operational

Server failure creates a host of problems not to mention the amount of money that is lost every minute a server remains inoperable - overheating, hardware issues, cyber-attacks, natural disasters, and system overload are all quite problematic.  While cyber attacks have been in the news in recent weeks, you can take preventive measures to secure your software with various anti-virus software programs, so why not anti-dust your hardware? The one aspect you can control is the incidence of server failure by protecting the hardware with a custom fit enclosure.  The enclosures help to block out dust, humidity, and regulate temperatures with fans and even an air conditioner if you experience overheating. 

What Can Clog a Server?
  • Pollen from plants
  • Smoke from fires, factories, and/or cigarettes
  • Dust from drywall and insulation
  • Sand and salt particles

When dry dust coats a server while it is emitting electrical currents, the layer of dust acts like blanket causing your system to overheat and short and lead to data loss.  The heat that radiates off the servers traps in the moisture and increases the conductivity further increasing the possibility of overheating.  When the cables become scratched on the fiber ends, the amount of light that can travel from one end to the other are impeded reducing the signal strength.  Keeping the server room cool with minimal dust helps to keep the servers running, however, an enclosure ensures that the equipment has zero dust exposure.  In a study done by Statista, the average hourly cost of server downtime averages around 301,000 to 400,000 US dollars.

In order to prevent server downtime and the potential loss of income, purchasing a custom enclosure ensures that you are physically doing the utmost to protect your valuable hardware.  Another issue arises when you do open your equipment, often when your hardware gets dirty, you think that by simply opening the devices to clean them can solve the problem, but warranties are often voided if you open the device yourself.

Choose Dust Free PC for your Server Enclosure

And while the server enclosure will not prevent against cyber-attacks, you will know that you have taken good preventive strides when deciding to go with a server enclosure.  The best customized server enclosures by Dust Free PC are created with your specifics in mind, with a micron fan and filter system which helps keep your server clean and dust free.


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