Dust Free PC

DFP201 Server Rack Enclosure

Mini clean-room server rack enclosure

The DFP201 Server Rack Enclosure series act like a clean room helping minimize downtime of your critical systems. The 4-fan air filtration system keeps airborne debris from entering and damaging mission critical equipment. Features include front, rear and side doors for total equipment access. DFP201 Server Rack is constructed using industrial grade ABS composite making it wireless network friendly. Our self contained air conditioned version is a solution for your hot server closet. Our server enclosures can be built to your specific hardware specifications.

  • Micron air filtration (exceptional air flow)
  • Air Condition options
  • Security locks
  • Easy access
  • Custom configurations available
  • Quick ROI

All of our dust free server enclosures come with a 3-year warranty.


Model Number Outside Dimensions Maximum Usable Price
DFP201-25-10U 24"W x 34"D x 33.5"H Rack Rail, 25"D, 10"U $1,429.00
DFP201-29-10U 24"W x 38"D x 33.5"H Rack Rail, 29"D, 10"U $1,539.00
DFP201-25-18U 24"W x 38"D x 47.5"H Rack Rail, 25"D, 18"U $1,869.00
DFP201-29-18U 24"W x 38"D x 47.5"H Rack Rail, 29"D, 18"U $1,979.00

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Enclosure Features

  • Up to 18U 29” depth server racks
  • 4-fan micron filtration system
  • Fan silencer system (Greatly reducing server equipment noise)
  • Alarm Temperature gauge
  • Full access to rack components (front, rear & sides)
  • Server rail numbering system
  • Illuminated power switch
  • 1000 pound weight capacity
  • Industrial ABC composite construction (great for wireless networks)
  • Heavy Duty 3″ Locking Casters

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