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DFP722 2000 BTU/H Air Conditioners

2000 BTU/H compact series air conditioners. This unit can be added to most enclosures.  The standard DFP722 has a NEMA 12 rated powder coated steel housing.  Available air conditioner options are NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X.  NEMA 4 is a powder coated steel housing that can handle wash down environments.  NEMA 4X is for corrosive wash down environments.  The 4X version has a stainless steel housing and corrosion resistant coating on the coils.

The DFP722’s run on either 115v 60Hz, 230v 60Hz or 460v 60Hz power and have 6.0, 4.1 or 1.9 running amp draw respectively.

Options include open door kill switch, corrosion resistant coatings, low ambient package, remote monitoring and integrated heater.

Air Conditioner Features:

Closed loop design, thermal overload protection, thermal expansion valve, hermetically sealed compressor, condensate drain port, ERP efficiency certified and rugged design


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Air Conditioner Part #'s

DFP722          NEMA 12 rated, indoor use, powder coated steel shell

DFP722-04    NEMA 4 rated, outdoor use, powder coated steel shell

DFP722-4X   NEMA 4X rated, washdown, corrosion resistant stainless steel shell

Available Options

230 VAC

460 VAC

Internal Heater

Condenser Filter

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