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Computer Enclosure Filters


DFP002 Micron Filter
DFP003 Micron Filter

Keep your enclosures running clean and cool with genuine Dust Free PC replacement filters.

Computer enclosure filters, contaminated air is pulled through a specialized micron filter system, scrubbing airborne debris and providing clean air, which is circulated back through the enclosure. Maximize up-time of critical electronics.

Keep your computer, PC and printers running clean!

Model Number Outside Dimensions # of Filters in Case Price
DFP003 Micron Filter 5"W x 15"L x 1/2" Thick 12 $69.00
DFP002 Micron Filter 5"W x 12"L x 1/2"Thick 12 $69.00

Dust Free PC Manufactures AFFORDABLE, HIGH-QUALITY Replacement Air Filters to fit any COMPETITOR MAKES AND MODELS! DS512 & DS612 Contact us to start saving money on replacement filters today! Call: 800.775.7611

Model Number

DFP002 Micron Filter, DFP003 Micron Filter

Durable Filter Construction

  • 2-ply 100% nylon micron filter media
  • Impregnated throughout with non-migrating tackifier
  • Rated UL900 Class 1
  • High capacity for long effective life High flow, keeps efficiency level higher longer

Filter Replacement Frequency

In most environments, filters are changed every 30-60 days depending on the severity of the environment. Monitor the airflow for the first 60 days and when you feel a restriction of airflow, it is time to change the filter. You can’t determine the frequency of change visually. Dust Free PC filter media is designed to hold twice the amount of contaminants over ordinary filters.

Filter Change Alarm

Utilize our alarm temperature gauge; it will sound an alarm when it’s time to change your filter. See our Accessory page for Alarm details.

Turn Off Enclosure When Changing Filters

Always unplug the enclosure when changing the filter. Stopping the powerful fans will prevent pulling the dirt off the filter during the changing process.

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