PKS 3042 & PKS 3092 Stainless Steel Air/Air Heat Exchanger

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$ 3,371.00

Pfannenberg PKS Mini 30x2 Air/Air Heat Exchanger

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PKS 3042 & PKS 3092 NEMA 4X Mini Series Stainless Steel Air/Air Heat Exchangers.  Closed loop design to isolate external air from inside of enclosure without the need to change a filter.  304 stainless steel cover & housing.

The PKS series heat exchanger produces superior cooling capacity per density compared to conventional heat exchangers or heat pipe solutions.  Very compact unit for the available cooling capacity.  Very encergy efficient compared to AC units that have a compressor, since they utilize lower ambient temperatures to cool warmer internal air.

The heat exchangers only have two mechanical compnents (fans), which reduces failure potential and helps reduce downtime.  The high CFM fans eliminate hot spots with superior air flow.  

The heat exchnagers can be mounted horizontally or vertically which gives the end user flexible mounting options.

Closed Loop Design

Designed to isolate the external ambient air from the internally conditioned air eliminating the risk of contaminants entering the cabinet.


High performance/cost ratios due to innovative use of advanced heat transfer and manufacturing technologies.

Space Saving Design

Thin profile with minimum intrusion into enclosure.

Rugged Design

Powder coated aluminum mounting plate with stainless steel covers.

Multiple Mounting Options

Aluminum mounting plate can be mounted on the top, side, front or back.

Multiple Electrical Configurations

115 VAC units arrive with 6 ft long 3-pronged plug. DC units arrive with bare lead wires. Other voltages available upon request.

Reduced Fan Maintenance

UL Listed 6.0” dual axial ball bearing fans for years of maintenance free operation (dry & wet locations).

Easy Installation

Minimum number of penetrations by cover fasteners, mounting fasteners and external wires.

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