Enclosure Filters – Dust Free PC

Enclosure Filters – Dust Free PC If you work in an office with one of those people who believe in taking pristine care of the computer equipment, you really don’t have to worry about a build-up of dust blanketing your electronic components. Dust is not a major hazard and isn’t known to have any corrosive effect on internal parts. However, when hardware and peripheral devices are being used in high-traffic areas, workshops, industrial plants, manufacturing facilities or distribution centers, a build-up of dust on vents or a blanket of dust and particles on internal components can severely hamper the system’s performance. Dust Free PC manufactures high-quality replacement enclosure filters to fit any competitors make or model. Our goal is to keep your computers, PCs, barcode equipment, and printers running clean to maximize up-time for critical electronics. Too much heat, too much dust or too much grime can adversely affect various components of important equipment that keeps your business running strong. When we decided to design and manufacture our own enclosure filers, our engineers understood the importance that uptime has on your profit margin. It only takes minutes to install Duct Free PC filters on your workstation enclosures to optimize protection of sensitive electronic components and to ensure your irreplaceable data remains accessible. Get the peace of mine in knowing your equipment will have a long lifespan in a properly ventilated and filtered environment regardless of the specific airborne particulates.

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