Upgrade Your Sneeze Guards

June 25, 2021

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Almost all grocery stores, medical offices, schools, and restaurants have installed the required Covid-19 sneeze guards. Teachers put them on students’ desks, restaurants put them in their ordering areas, doctor’s offices placed them at the reception area, this has become a common site since the onset of the pandemic.  Now with some states having reached nearly 40-50% in vaccination rates, the masks are starting to come off, but it is important more than ever to maintain the habit of keeping sneeze guards in place and not let your guard down.  With different deadlier variants spreading in South East Asia, keeping those measures and even upgrading them to something more permanent is very critical in maintaining social distance and keeping the Covid-19 infection rates down.  

Take Down the Plastic Sheets

When Covid-19 began its eventual worldwide spread, most business rushed to put up barriers.  Some businesses did what they could, and they taped up plastic sheets together to quickly follow the new health and safety guidelines so they could keep their businesses running smoothly.  Now, society is a year and half into the pandemic, and it does not look like it will disappear anytime soon.   Those flimsy hastily constructed barriers are now getting old, and they need to go.  They are a common site in your neighborhood take-out spot or bodega.  Especially as the temperature raises, you can only imagine how a full plastic sheet can trap in the air causing a stifling work situation.   We have now settled into our new normal, and people are fed up with wearing masks, so those workplace barriers, dividers, shields, and sneeze guards are going to be the only line of defense with new deadly variants of Covid-19.

Sneeze Guards are important now more than ever.  With India’s devastating and vast amount of people infected with the Covid-19 Delta variant, even China who has had infection rates plummet to minuscule numbers has been extreme in their Covid-19 reaction is locking down entire cities when 100 of its Guangzhou city tested positive.  That is why it’s vitally necessary to now take an in depth look at the barriers we have in place as the United States fights to keep its infection rate down. 

In order to prevent the resurgence of Covid-19 with its many scary variants, maintaining your barriers and guards and even upgrading your workplace’s preventatives would be advisable in keeping with the CDC guidelines.

Put Up a Dust Free PC Sneeze Guard

One must wonder as well that if a business only took a bit of time to hang plastic sheets as a sneeze and germ barrier, then what other short cuts is that business also taking. And though a plastic sheet is better than nothing, installing a barrier made of long-lasting materials is going to be more substantial.  Clear acrylic sneeze shields and countertop free standing sneeze guards look professional. Stop hanging plastic sheets and put up a barrier that will last a lifetime and be more visually pleasing.  Gain the trust of your customers since this new normal is all about prevention. Dust Free PC offers barrier and guard installation and will evaluate your area to fit the best barrier, divider, or shield.   

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