Creating Custom Printer Enclosures for Factory Environments – A Case Study

January 8, 2024

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Dust Free PC has produced quality America-made NEMA-rated printer enclosures, computer enclosures, server enclosures, and more since 1999. With over 35,000 units deployed in multiple industries and environments, we have a solution to fit any needs. That’s in part thanks to our specialty customizing unique enclosures to maximize the uptime of mission-critical systems. 

Custom printer enclosures can benefit operations across a wide variety of industries. Read on for a case study on how one of our customers used them in a factory production environment.


Custom Processing Services, a full-service provider of toll processing services, approached Dust Free PC needing on-the-floor label printer enclosures for their production environment. Their key business challenge was implementing a new operating system, transitioning from office-based paperwork to on-the-floor operations.

The requirement for printers on the factory floor was crucial for creating individualized labels with timestamps, allowing precise tracking of when products were made. However, the printers needed protection in the environment of a milling operation, where fine particles could be present, posing a risk to the printers as they operated next to material loading areas. Custom Processing needed a cost-effective, dust-free solution — and the design had to meet critical heat dissipation requirements. 

“We needed these enclosures to work,” said Bill Rodebaugh, Enterprise Resource Planning Project Manager at Custom Processing. “We couldn’t move forward with this new operation without them.”


Our team at Dust Free PC partnered with Custom Processing to meticulously customize their label printer enclosures, addressing the specific needs of integrating Zebra printers into the challenging factory environment. Our technical professionals drew on years of expertise and prior experience designing printer enclosures for similarly challenging settings. 

Recognizing the safety concerns related to potential airborne particles, they incorporated a positive pressure scenario, allowing controlled airflow for the printers while preventing fugitive dust from entering. The customization met the required electrical code by modifying the standard plug to an internal configuration. Our collaborative process included sharing detailed drawings, consulting an electrician, and even creating a new part number to meet the unique specifications of Custom Processing.

“We met one-on-one with the designer, who knew exactly what we wanted and needed. They listened to us and our suggestions, and they worked to make the product better. They also understood the economics to help us with pricing that made sense for us,” Rodebaugh explained. “I’ve been in operations for 30 years, and I wish all my vendors were like this. It was that good.”


The Dust Free PC team worked quickly to deliver 30 custom printer enclosures to Custom Processing in just two weeks, exceeding customer expectations. “The team was very attentive, extremely responsive, and transparent,” said Rodebaugh.

Custom Processing tested their first enclosure in the busiest area of the plant where fugitive dust could be most prevalent.  Rodebaugh and his team have been thrilled at the durability of the product and how well it has protected the sensitive equipment inside. Looking to the future, they feel confident thanks to Dust Free PC’s five-year warranty and commitment to necessary repairs.  

“This was key to having our operation move forward,” Rodebaugh said. “If I were to go through this process again, I wouldn’t hesitate. I would highly recommend Dust Free PC.” 

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