June 3, 2015

Space Saving Wall Mount Server Enclosures

Is available floor space an issue in your work environment?  Then it’s time to talk with Dust Free PC. Our American made Wall Mounted Enclosures have quickly become one of our most popular products. They free-up floor space and act like a “Mimi Cleanroom” by protecting your servers from the damages effect of heat, dust and debris. Our NEMA Style Positive Pressure Wall Mount Enclosures: Are constructed from tough ABS materials and stainless steel hardware, work seamlessly with wireless networks and are recognized as the most user friendly enclosures on the market today. Dust Free PC Wall Mount Server Feature: Proven […]
June 3, 2015

Why Production Floor Servers Fail

Most work floor environments are filled with excessive dust, dirt and oily grime that can easily lead to servers overheating. Typically, overheating will cause data corruption, random errors and equipment damage all leading to server failure and unexpected downtime. Dust Contamination Causes 3 Main Types Of Server Problems. #1 – The Most Common Dust Related Issue is Dust Clogging and Inhibiting Fans: Over time, if the fan isn’t working properly, the power supply can overheat and burn out. Unless your server is equipped with redundant power supplies, you’re facing downtime. #2 – Excessive Dust Will Cause Problems With CD And […]
June 3, 2015

Stop Production Computer Crashes Now!

Dust, Grime, Heat and Corrosion are Big Problems for Your Computers We all know that harsh work floor environments can be damaging to production floor electronics. According to computer manufactures, the number one reason for electronic hardware failure in harsh work environments is the buildup of excessive heat caused by dust, dirt, oily grime and corrosion accumulating on sensitive computer parts.   Keeping the Dust Out is More Important than Ever: As PCs get faster, their internal components are getting hotter and hotter. In fact, hot enough to burn your skin if touched. That constant hum your hearing inside the […]
June 3, 2015

Safeguarding Production Floor Hardware

Shop floor computers, servers and printers are among the most valuable items in your business. Not only are they expensive to replace, they contain valuable production information and sensitive data. Without them you will probably miss deadlines and may even experience a complete stoppage of workflow. Harsh Work Place Computer Damage: Safeguarding your shop floor electronics requires protecting your hardware from the damaging effects of dust, dirt and heat found in all harsh work place environments. Dust Free PC industrial enclosures and cabinetry create a “Mimi Cleanroom” to protect your production data and mission critic hardware. The tough ABS construction […]
March 12, 2015

Industrial Enclosures for Harsh Production Environments

Over the past three decades, Dust Free PC has been committed to the design and manufacturing of top quality NEMA rated industrial enclosures. Dust Free PC enclosures deliver a fast ROI and are designed to eliminate production downtime by protecting sensitive production floor electronics from the damaging effects of heat, dust, dirt and grime in even the harshest workplace environments. User friendly design, innovative technology and manufacturing techniques our entire team remains committed to producing the highest quality industrial enclosures. Acting like a “Mini Cleanroom” our enclosures are without question the most user friendly on the market today. Constructed of […]
March 12, 2015

Custom Printer Enclosures for Pharmaceuticals Cleanrooms

The pharmaceutical industry spends millions of dollars each year creating and maintain cleanroom manufacturing environments. We recently had two pharmaceutical clients call us to see if we could solve the ongoing problem of printer dust contaminating their cleanrooms, once and for all. The Challenge: Remove the paper, toner and general printer dust produced by busy label and laser printers housed within the cleanroom from contaminating the environment. Typically, Dust Free PC industrial Printer Enclosures keep manufacturing floor dust and dirt from entering printers. This new application was just the reverse; we needed to keep the printer dust from contaminating the […]
March 12, 2015

Protecting “Smart Home” Servers from Environmental Contamination

Internet based Smart Home technology has been around for several years, but it’s only recently that it’s become a popular option for protecting and monitoring you entire home. Popular Smart Home options include the ability to control, interior and exterior lighting, security systems, heating and air conditioning, appliances, locks and access control, water leak sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, smoke and air quality sensor, GPS tracking and more. The heart of any Smart Home system is the server. The server allows the home to monitor itself and makes it available to the homeowner through any intent connection, tablet or smart […]
March 11, 2015

Dust Free Splash Guards Protect from Hardware Drowning

Industrial PC Enclosures Protect Workflow Excessive Heat is Killing Your Production Hardware Heat is the primary cause of hard drive failures and hardware overheating in harsh work floor environments.  Heat will wreak havoc on a system causing workflow delays, data loss, data corruption and the premature death of your hardware. Stay Cool with Dust free PC Air Conditioned Enclosures: Designed to protect your electronic hardware, our Air Conditioning solution can be added to most enclosures and offer up to 6000 BTU’s of self-contained cooling power. These NEMA rated enclosures are constructed of industrial tough ABS materials and stainless fasteners so they’ll […]
January 29, 2015

Stop Replacing Production Hardware…Protect It!

We seem to hear from manufacturing, logistics and warehousing companies almost every day that are fed-up replacing expensive production hardware. Their story is basic the same. They have a busy, dirty, dust and heat filled production environment that is choking there sensitive production hardware. They experience the loss and corruption of critical data, frequent downtime and work stoppage, and are constantly buying, reformatting and installing expensive computers hardware.   Dust Free PC Protects Your Investment: Our standard and custom designed industrial enclosures are designed protect your electronics from the ravaging effects of dust, dirt, oily grime and excessive heat found […]
December 23, 2014

Industry Hardware Enclosures for Harsh Environments

Protecting your investment for 3 decades our American made Dust Free PC enclosure products and accessories are designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment form damaging heat, dust and debris in the harshest working environments. Our entire family of standard or customized NEMA style Computer Enclosures provide a quick ROI and come with a “No Questions Asked” 3 Year Warrantee.   Dust Free PC Enclosures create a MINI CLEAN-ROOM for your hardware With over 10,000 units deployed our industry tough Computer Enclosures keep airborne debris from entering and damaging your critical production hardware. The most user friendly on the market today, […]