Do You Need to Protect Your Barcode Label Printer?

April 25, 2022

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Norman Joseph Woodland invented the barcode in 1952 and later developed the format for the popular Universal Product Code (UPC) used for product labeling. Nowadays, almost every industry uses GTIN barcodes as a means of quick identification. The innovative labeling system allows manufacturers, warehousers, shippers, distributors, retailers, and service providers to simplify traceability by tracking anything from a package to a patient. Since the information contained on a barcode contains the “who, what, when, where and how” of the tagged item, bar code systems help improve traceability and reduce data entry errors.

If your business is a small mobile operation, you probably have an app or a handheld barcode maker with a built-in label printer. This is likely all you need, and you can provide protection when you are not using it by keeping your device in a dry, dust free space. But, if your business depends on meeting tight deadlines and delivering products to market in a timely fashion, you already know how much a commercial barcode label printer can cost. Moreover, a busy shop may depend heavily on producing barcode printouts every day, so equipment failure or downtime can adversely affect productivity.

Qualities of a Commercial Barcode Label Printer Enclosure

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to stop dust from occurring in warehouses, manufacturing plants, industrial facilities, and other high-traffic areas where barcode printers are used to create and track labels. That is why workplace environments often reduce device lifespan, and without warning, printers suddenly stop working. Cleaning a barcode printer in a busy environment has never proven to be practical, especially if it interrupts workflow, and the best way to protect your equipment has long been to prevent dust from getting inside. A professionally designed barcode label printer enclosure is by far the best long-term solution.

Traditionally, commercial printer enclosures were manufactured using a powder-coated mild steel in accordance with European ingress protection ratings (IP Codes) or North American NEMA classifications. Now you can easily customize any barcode printer enclosure that is machined from ABS thermoplastic polymer sheet. ABS is an excellent product to provide protection from dust, moisture, temperature, and other potentially damaging threats. Plus, an ABS printer enclosure requires little attention and reduces the need for printer maintenance. Top enclosure manufacturers offer custom options, such as adding heat for use in freezers or cooling for use in high-temp environments.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Protecting Your Barcode Label Printer

Dust Free PC offers a series of customizable DFP400BP Barcode Label Printer Enclosures with options for a heated enclosure as well as a NEMA-4 washdown barcode printer enclosure. Regardless of where you need to keep a barcode printer free from ingress, Dust Free PC can quickly provide that product. Our NEMA 12, NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X positive-pressure bar code enclosures are designed to perform in the hottest, coldest, and wettest jobs in the workplace. Moreover, our ABS construction offers outstanding advantages for barcode enclosures that require impact resistance to protect sensitive machinery or measuring equipment.

Busy professional environments, warehouse distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and industrial plants cannot afford non-productive timeouts during any hours of the workday. Plus, the same barcoding machinery that needs protection from dust, temperature, or moisture may also need to be relocated. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is a sturdy, impact-resistant material that offers an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. For most models and configurations, it won’t require an extra set of hands to move your barcode label printer enclosure. Thanks to Dust Free PC’s use of technology, you can minimize the effects of harsh temperatures while maximizing protection from dust, moisture, and corrosive agents.

The solution to dust proof your barcode label printer is a customizable ABS enclosure from Dust Free PC. Our label printers are unique with a  bi-fold door for safe and easy access for changing labels as well as routine printer maintenance. Some of our competitors require you to unnecessarily manipulate heavy gullwing doors to access your machinery. We even provide a liftoff, hinged front door to accommodate easy changeouts at anytime you need to access your barcode label printer.

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