Laser Printer Enclosures for a Safer Workplace

March 9, 2023

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Laser printers are considered to be more efficient and faster than comparable inkjet printers for producing pages. Companies often prefer the laser printing process as it is also noticeably quieter when compared to other printing options. But, recent studies suggest a need for using caution to protect workers from harmful exposure. The hazardous concern doesn’t mean your company or business should stop using laser printers, but minimizing exposure to nanoparticle emissions during the printing process is prudent advice.

A study at West Virginia University School of Public Health emphasizes how today’s business equipment can negatively impact your health. Researchers discovered that microscopic nanoparticles from laser printers can have a negative effect on human health when particulates are inadvertently inhaled. Study findings concluded printer-emitted nanoparticles released from laser printers can change human genetic and metabolic profiles in ways that could make disease more likely.

The study first appeared in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences and also suggests health changes can be very significant from day one. In addition, researchers at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found laser printer-emitted engineered nanoparticles can be harmful to lung cells and may cause persistent damage that could translate to chronic pulmonary disorders. Although this level of medical complications are rare, laser printer dust is not something you want workers to breathe every day.

Laser Printers Emit Harmful Nanoparticles

Laser printing produces and amplifies light with unique properties that cannot be produced any other way. Laser light is a form of non-ionizing radiation and composed of one single color (monochromatic) at a specific wavelength. Findings indicate that the fine particles emitted can remain airborne for prolonged periods and often reach significant levels of contamination in indoor workspaces.

When power is initially turned on, laser printers require high voltage and the printing drum is charged in preparation for writing data to the device. Laser printers that use toner ink can also emit high levels of ozone during electrical discharges. Exposure to ozone is synonymous with health problems, such as headaches, nausea, dermatitis and irritation to the throat, lungs and eyes.

According to American Lung Association, any person who works in an environment with exposure to silica dust should get regular health checkups and be monitored for signs and symptoms of lung disease. Even if you are not experiencing symptoms, chemicals in toner inks are hazardous and overexposure to laser printer toner dust can actually lead to siderosis-silicosis, a chronic lung disease.

Dust Free PC Enclosures* Can Keep Dust.. In and Out

According to a technical report by NASA engineers, the use of micron filters has efficacy for removing nanoparticle contaminants like those generated by laser printers. At Dust Free PC, we manufacture laser printer enclosures (see note below) with micron filtration systems to reduce printer dust and other contaminants with optional features, such as:

- Built for specific LASER printer models

- Easy access to load and retrieve copies

- Custom sizes for a smaller footprint

- Positive pressure micron filtration system

- ABS composite with stainless steel fasteners

When improperly used or abused, laser printers can emit particulates that cause negative health effects ranging from mild skin burns to irreversible injury to the lungs, skin or eyes. That’s why regulatory health agencies recommend not locating them at your desk and not standing close to a laser printer during a large print run. Protect your workforce with custom-crafted cleanroom laser printer enclosures.

*NOTE: Dust Free PC's DFP400BA series of cleanroom printer enclosures are designed to keep your printer from allowing pollutants to escape. Enclosure fans pull and scrub the air through a two-stage, electrostatically charged Micron Filtration system, before exhauting air into the room. By locking all the debris from your printer into the filter, our tabletop printer enclosure can be custom built for your model of laser printer. Click to see a list the list of printer brands enclosures we build.


At Dust Free PC, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality computer, printer, and keyence equipment enclosures to ensure the best solution at a price to meet each client’s specific needs. Use our convenient contact form or call us today at 800-775-7611 to discuss the best solution for protecting your server, workstation, printer, or sensitive equipment.

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