Time to Add More Cooling to Your Computer Enclosures?

July 29, 2022

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If so, it’s time for you to contact Dust Free PC to learn more about our computer enclosures with cooling options and ingress ratings that are designed to protect your most sensitive equipment in the harshest industrial environment. Our sealed enclosures are highly appreciated for features like sturdy ABS thermoplastic polymer construction, long service life, ease of installation, high efficiency, and optimal workplace performance with adherence to the highest standards.

Installing one of Dust Free PC’s cooling options for your computers, printers, barcoders, or Keyence systems can ensure your sensitive equipment will be maintained at an operating temperature that is within its rated capacities. Moreover, your purchasing decision can extend the life of your electronic components so you avoid any unexpected malfunction and downtime due to equipment overheating.

Exposure to environmental hazards can cause PCs and sensitive equipment to fail without notice. But, the issue is usually not the cost of the computer but the cost of production downtime. If your company cannot cope with a full day of stoppage (which is about the fastest you could repair or replace damaged equipment), Dust Free PC is a leading manufacturer of custom enclosures specifically built using the latest technology and materials.  

Heat Dissipation in Equipment Enclosures

With the temperatures soaring this summer, it may be time to review the advantages of adding an air conditioner, filtered fan system, or vortex tube cooler to your electronic equipment enclosures. The right cooling system can maintain temperatures inside a cabinet to ensure a contaminant-free environment while protecting sensitive components with advantages, such as:

Eliminates Costly Equipment Replacement – Failed workplace equipment not only stops production but requires purchasing replacement units. Available in NEMA 4, 4X and 12, our enclosures are built to last from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) thermoplastic polymer.

Reduces the Amount of Costly Downtime – It is usually not the cost of the equipment that delivers the biggest blow to a company; it is the cost of downtime. Sealed to work in the harshest environments, our enclosures protect your investment and help to reduce routine maintenance.

Improves Airflow Inside an Equipment Case – Dust Free PC workplace enclosures come fully assembled and include a filtered air supply with positive internal pressure to prevent dust and grime from entering, so you can put our products to work immediately.

Prolongs the Lifecycle of Sensitive Electronics – By keeping cool air circulating inside a protective computer enclosure, you're guaranteed complete protection for hardware and software, reducing the risks of down time with improved productivity and increased system lifespan.

When used in harsh environments, sensitive electronics must be operated within prescribed limits. Sealed enclosures allow you to manage dust, heat, and humidity but temperatures above 80-degrees Celsius are too hot for sensitive equipment, so adding an optional cooling system can prevent damage when operated in the harshest industrial environment.

Surviving the Historic Heat Wave of 2022

In order for an event to be considered a heat wave, temperatures need to be outside the range of historical averages for a couple of days. Unbearable heat happens when high-pressure forces air downward preventing the air nearest the ground from rising. That means the already hot air, just got hotter. If you live in an area that’s under a heat warning, it’s understandable to have questions about protecting your workplace equipment. After all, the demands from normal workloads result in your hardware generating plenty of heat and too much heat can cause a slowdown or complete system failure.

Companies today often prefer using desktop PCs, printers, and barcoders to industrial computer equipment because it simplifies their IT strategy. In addition, desktop units cost less and are easier to maintain. Although a standard PC cabinet accounts for basic airflow using fans designed to move small amounts of air, operating sensitive equipment in environments with a higher than normal ambient temperature most often requires an additional cooling system to do the heavy lifting. For thermally sensitive applications, a combination of normal air removal and installing either a vortex tube chiller or correctly-sized air conditioner unit will effectively mitigate the dangers from overheating.

With over 100 million people under heat alerts in dozens of states, a dangerous heat wave is wilting most of the country. If the reliability of sensitive workplace equipment is essential to your company’s bottom line, Dust Free PC has the latest enclosure cooling products. To learn more, contact us today using this website’s convenient form or call 800-775-7611 to discuss your deliverables.

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