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DFP190 Series Retro Enclosure Conversion Kits

DFP190 Series Enclosure conversion kit

The enclosure conversion kit can be added to most existing enclosures, this kit will convert a standard enclosure to a dust free enclosure. Each kit includes our specialized fan and filter system and detailed instructions for easy installation. Discuss your particular requirements with one of our experienced representatives to determine the kit that will fit your requirements.

Model Number Outside Dimensions Maximum Usable Price
DFP190 $79.00

DFP195 Filter Assembly Conversion

Many enclosures will have an existing fan system with inadequate small foam filter; these filters have a very low efficiency rating and retain very little airborne debris. Upgrade to our exclusive micron filter system, with an easy Velcro installation process you can upgrade your existing equipment protection in minutes.

Benefits include:

  • Long life micron filtration
  • Easy installation
  • Custom sizes available
  • Minimize downtime of sensitive equipment
  • Quick return on investment

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