Custom accessories designed for your Dust Free PC enclosures. Air Conditioners, Heaters, Green Cords, Retro Fan/Filter Kits, Roller Bases, Rolling Stands, Security Locks, Silencer Kits, Splash Guards and Temperature Gauges.

Air Condition Computer Enclosures

Stop the heat with a Dust Free PC A/C unit! Compatible with most enclosures. Air conditioners are available NEMA 12, NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X. Common Btu ratings are 1000 & 2000. Other sizes are available if needed.

Computer Enclosures

Dust Free PC Computer enclosures and cabinets create a mini clean-room for your PC.

Computer Workstation Enclosures

Mobile computer workstation enclosures are built tough with industry in mind. Available in many configurations.

Enclosure Filters

Keep your enclosure running clean with Dust Free PC’s genuine micron filter replacements. (Available in sizes to fit all competitors makes and models).

Printer Enclosures

Dust Free PC Printer enclosures are built for your specific printer. So no matter what brand you have, we’ve got your printer covered.

Server Enclosures

Keep mission critical applications running with custom fit, Dust Free PC Server enclosures.

TV / LCD Enclosures

Flat Screen TV enclosures are designed for use in harsh environments.

Wall Mount Enclosure

Wall mount enclosures for PC, Servers and Rack mounted equipment.

Keyence IM Enclosures

Environmental Enclosures for Keyence IM600 & IM700 Image Measuring Systems

Keyence Laser Marker Enclosures

Environmental Enclosures for Keyence MD-F, MD-U, MD-X, ML-G, ML-Z Lasers and Controllers
Keyence Mobile Workstation

Keyence XM Enclosures

Environmental Enclosures for Keyence XM 1000 & XM 1200 Handheld Coordinate Measuring Machines

Dust Free PC enclosures are built for all in one PC’s, flat screen TV’s,PC’s, printers, rack mounted equipment, servers, touch screen monitors and other components.  Enclosures range from small desktop style to large mobile workstations on heavy duty locking casters.  NEMA 12  positive pressure filtered air systems are the standard for Dust Free PC enclosures.

Heated and air conditioned enclosures are also available.  Do you have a thermal printer in a cold storage environment?  Heated Dust Free PC enclosures will keep the thermal printer operating properly in the coldest environments.  Due to an adjustable thermostat on the heater, it is easy to acheive the proper internal temperature setting.  We recommended air conditioners for environments where the ambient temperature is above 90 degrees f.  Air conditioned Dust Free PC enclosures will keep your components from failing due to over heating and debris contamination.  Air conditioners are available in NEMA types 12, 4 and 4X and Btu rating of 1000 or 2000.

Security locks, silencers, splash guards, and temperature gauges are an option for any enclosure.  Server racks are available in any size configuration up to 18U high and 30″ deep.  Wall mount enclosures provide space saving alternatives to desktop versions.  Roller bases are available for most desktop enclosures to make them mobile.

Wash down enclosures are a water proof design that allows direct water cleaning without harming your components.  Dust Free PC enclosures are rated NEMA type 4 or 4X based on the air conditioner used.  Above all else, wash down enclosures will keep your components clean, cool, dry and operational in the harshest environments.

Already have an enclosure but need to keep it clean on the inside?  To convert non-filtered enclosures to positive pressure NEMA 12 specifications, retro kits are available.  Also, heaters and air conditioners can be added retro actively.  Therefore, cut out templates supplied for air conditioners.