DFP003 Micron Filters

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1 Year Supply of Replacement Filters (12 Filters per Case)



Keep your Enclosures Running Clean with Dust Free PC Replacement Filters.

Contaminated air is pulled through our micron filter system providing clean air inside the enclosure. Maximize up-time of critical electronics by keeping them clean.  The DFP003 filter is a direct replacement for DustShield DS512 filter.

Outside Filter Dimensions

DFP003 Micron Filter - 5"W x 15"L x 1/2" Thick

Number of Filters in Case

  • Qty 12

Durable Filter Construction

  • 2-ply 100% nylon micron filter media
  • Impregnated throughout with non-migrating tackifier
  • Rated UL900 Class 1
  • High capacity for long effective life High flow, keeps efficiency level higher longer

Filter Replacement Frequency

In most environments, filters are changed every 30-60 days depending on the severity of the environment. Monitor the airflow for the first 60 days and when you feel a restriction of airflow, it is time to change the filter. You can’t determine the frequency of change visually. Dust Free PC filter media is designed to hold twice the amount of contaminants over ordinary filters.

Turn Off Enclosure When Changing Filters

Always turn off the fans when changing the filter. Stopping the powerful fans will prevent pulling the dirt off the filter into the enclosure.

Dust Free PC Manufactures AFFORDABLE, HIGH-QUALITY Replacement Air Filters to fit any COMPETITOR MAKES AND MODELS! DS512 & DS612 

Contact us to start saving money on replacement filters today! Call: 800.775.7611


Available Accessories:

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Industrial ABS Construction Design

Our NEMA rated enclosures are designed and built out of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, for high impact resistance and suitability for heavy duty industrial environments.

ABS Technology Advantages

  1. Outstanding formability
  2. Very high impact strength
  3. High tensile strength and stiffness
  4. Excellent high and low temperature performance
  5. Resistant to many chemicals and plasticizers
  6. Will not rust or corrode

Micron Fan & Filter System


The Fantec F12038B1HT 120V cooling fan measures 120x120x38mm, with an airflow of 103 CFM and noise level of 39dBA.

  • Helps provide a safe temperature for control cabinets
  • Avoids damage to cabinet equipment due to overheating
  • Includes everything needed for cooling fan system
  • Fan guard provides 23-30% greater airflow than sheet metal guards
  • Fan power cord is UL & CSA listed
  • Cooling fan is UL & CUL recognized, RoHS compliant


Lift-Off Hinges

Our enclosures feature durable Nylon Lift-Off hinges. The Lift-Off hinges make it easy to remove the doors of the enclosure for easily accessible equipment maintenance.


All of our Enclosures come with stainless steel hardware to ensure a sleek design, and longevity of the enclosure.


All of our enclosures are compatible with wireless networks.

5 Year Warranty

All of Dust Free PC dust proof PC and DVR enclosures come with a 5-Year Warranty.

Dust Free PC is a premier NEMA computer enclosure/cabinet manufacturer, offering standard and custom enclosure solutions for industrial markets around the world.

Products manufactured by Dust Free PC shall be warranted of defects and workmanship for 5 years from the date of purchase. Components integrated in the enclosure, not manufactured by Dust Free PC will utilize the original manufacturer’s warranty.



"Made in the USA." It's a label that evokes patriotism, carries an unspoken promise of quality and has a political undertone of job security for American workers.

That spirit of innovation remains at the heart of everything we do here at Dust Free PC. Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards including:

High Quality

High Performance

High Durability

High Functionality

High Sustainability