Dual Monitor Dust Free Workstation DFP355DM22

SKU # DFP355DM22
$ 3,309.00

Mobile workstation for dual 22" monitors, laser printer, pc, keyboard and mouse.

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DFP355DM22 is a mobile workstation built to hold two 22" monitors, pc, laser printer, keyboard and mouse.  The top enclosure has a door on each side for installing and accessing the monitors.  The lower enclosure has a slide out keyboard tray with a retractable mouse pad.  There is a door on the right side of the lower enclosure that is used to access the storage area.  The front door has a self closing "push for copies" door for easy print retrieval.  All the doors except the keyboard tray door are hung using lift off hinges.  This allows the doors to be removed by simply opening the door and lifting up.  The enclosure has 4 heavy duty locking casters that roll smooth and keep the it locked in securley in position.  There is a fan/filter system in both cabinets to keep clean air flowing through the entire enclosure.  The monitor viewing window is replaceable.  The lower enclosure can hold up to a 20"W x 29"H x 22"D laser printer.  Please let us know what printer you will be using when ordering.  


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