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Computer Enclosures - Dust Free PC Most businesses have coverage for vehicles, workplace accidents and even office furnishings that might be stolen or damaged in a storm. Unfortunately, many owners and managers forget to take the necessary steps to protect the expensive computer hardware they rely on to run their business. Dust Free PC computer enclosures are manufactured in the United States with industrial tough ABS construction to provide the best protection against dust and water. In fact, our tamper-proof computer enclosures afford world-class solutions to keep any business operating at the highest level without interruption. Office environments, manufacturing floors, distribution centers, loading docks and retail spaces often create electrostatic charges. When combined with the thousands of hours per month that debris and dust particles enter during the fan-driven cooling process, computers, PCs, workstations and printers become veritable dust magnet. We have been protecting electronic equipment in harsh environments since 1999 with our American made dust free pc enclosures and accessories. Although there is very little risk of dust causing electronic shortage, any blanket of debris can lead to overheating. Heat is the natural enemy that prevents your vital computerized components from keeping processors cool, which can greatly reduce the life of PCs, workstations, bar code printers, monitors and TV screens. Dust Free PC is your one stop shop for computer enclosures to keep your investment clean, protected and running smoothly throughout its full life cycle.

Computer Enclosures

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