Custom Computer Enclosures - Dust Free PC

Custom Computer Enclosures - Dust Free PC Although a little bit of dust isn’t going to bring productivity to a halt, but if left unchecked, dust bunnies like to congregate on the air vents and electronics inside your PCs and other computerized components. Once a bunch of airborne particles form a blanket of dust, it can block crucial airflow and cake around the fins of a processors heatsinks. If overheating toasts the CPU or other circuitry, the function being performed is interrupted and your ROI is immediately affected. If your business requires your computer hardware to run in harsh or busy environments as well as hazardous work conditions, the best defense is to prevent dust, debris, extreme temperatures and moisture from entering your workstation. Dust Free PC custom computer enclosures manufactured from industrial tough ABS thermoplastic materials enable you to benefit from the full life cycle of your PC and other computer equipment in industrial, manufacturing, and other high-traffic business environments. The filter systems used in our custom computer enclosures significantly reduces the effect of dirt, dust, oil, moisture and grime to keep your operation running strong while protecting valuable production data. The loss of irreplaceable data may cost several times what a service call costs to fix or replace the equipment. So, there is a return on your investment realized when you have us design and manufacture the right custom computer enclosures to protect your investment at each workstation. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, we’ve deployed over 10,000 Made in America units since 1999.

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