Server Enclosures - Dust Free PC

Server Enclosures - Dust Free PC Servers keep offices as well as production and manufacturing facilities running smoothly 24/7. If you do the math, these critical components for any computerized business are exposed to over 5,000 hours fan-driven air movement every month. Combined with electrostatic chargers in the air, the motherboards and hard drives that keep you in business become dust magnets for air particles and debris. The ugly build-up of dust and contaminants can lead to a major setup when critical electronic components fail due overheating or the corrosive effects of airborne particles that blanket conductive circuitry. So, even though today’s computer components are well insulated and won’t be damaged by dust build-up, without the right server enclosures dust starts to collect on fan vents and block precious air flow from day one. Overheating is the natural enemy of computer servers, hard drives and CPUs, especially those that operate around the clock. Dust Free PC uses high impact ABS thermoplastic server enclosures, server rack enclosures, wall mount server enclosures, air-conditioned server enclosures, shop floor workstation server enclosures and server rack workstation enclosures. Our made-in-America server enclosures can be custom crafted for any industry and designed to eliminate computer component damage from extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) and harsh air quality as well as food industry applications that require waterproofing for washdown cleanings.

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