Flat Screen TV Enclosure - Dust Free PC

Flat Screen TV Enclosure - Dust Free PC Flat screen TVs have a wide variety of usage in today’s business environments, lodging industry, movie theaters, sports arenas, medical facilities, golf resorts and transportation hubs as well as manufacturing and industrial plants. Dust Free PC offers flat screen TV enclosures built to your exact specifications to work seamlessly with your individual applications and installations. Our basic unit is built for 30” up to 65” TVs for Flat Screen, Touch Screen and LCD monitor enclosures that act like a mini clean room. Each unit is expertly crafted to keep airborne debris from entering or damaging your investment. Moreover, you can choose from our TV enclosure accessories like micron fan and filter system, NEMA-rated casings, industrial ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) enclosures, stainless steel fasteners, green power cord, alarm temperature gauges, locking control access door and a 3-year warranty. Designed for high impact resistance in heavy industrial and commercial applications, our NEMA 4, 4X and 12 enclosures will keep your flat screen TVs well protected indoor and outdoor. Your unit is built to your specifications, which is great where vertical installations are required for digital signage, and is safe from hose directed water, rain and contaminants common to harsh indoor and outdoor locations. In the past, some mills, plants and factories could not place a standard flat-screen TV on the factory floor due to dust, debris, room temperature or requirements for routine wash-down. Our front panel is shatter resistant; and the high-strength ABS casings will protect your flat screen TV enclosures from wind-borne debris and moisture.

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