December 23, 2014

Custom A/C Server Enclosure for the Medical Client

We received an emergency call from one of our longstanding medical clients. They needed to get there server storage in compliance with HIPPA rule and regulation…and had to do it fast! With more and more people requiring their medical services, available space is at a real premium. This lack of square footage meant that their IT guys needed to move servers into an unsecured and un-air conditioned hall closet. The heat build-up generated by the servers necessitated that the closet door stay open 24/7 to provide the cooling needed to keep the servers up and running. Unfortunately, this closet server […]
October 30, 2014

New Innovation Solves an Old Problem

The Problem: Several of our clients have mentioned what turns out to be a common production floor problem. Workers are leaving the Printer Enclosure door open when retrieving copies.  Of course this allows damaging dust, grime and debris to contaminate sensitive electronic equipment. The Dust Free PC design team was determined to quickly solve the problem by working though the usability, ergonomic and manufacturing issues.  To satisfactorily test the design ideas our production staff build several working prototypes until we and our beta testers were happy with the solution.   Dust Free PC’s exclusive “Auto-Close” door helps to protect your […]
October 2, 2014

Top Quality Replacement Filters for Industrial Enclosures

Unlike cheap competitor “Foam Filters” that do little to remove damaging air-borne debris, Dust Free PC “Micron Replacement Filters” are manufactured to eliminate contaminated air from entering your enclosure systems.   Micron Replacement Filters, Designed to Keep You Running Cool and Clean: Dust Free PC’s exclusive micron filter media is designed to hold more than twice the amount of air-borne contaminants as ordinary filters. Designed to fit all Competitor models, our filter are an affordable and reliable way to protect  Computer Enclosures – Printer Enclosures – Server Enclosures –Workstation Enclosures – A/C Computer Enclosures – TV/LCD Enclosures  and Custom Designed Enclosures .   Dust Free PC Replacement Filters Feature: Sizes to […]
October 2, 2014

Customized Enclosures for Harsh Work Environments

Manufacturing over 10,000 industrial enclosures has taught us that no two production environments are ever the same.  So no matter what harsh work floor problems you’re dealing with we can custom design the right enclosure solution to keep your electronics clean, cool and up and running.   Custom Design Services for Computer, Printer, Server, Workstation and TV/LCD Enclosures: Dust Free PC offers a full service, in-house, design team as well as CAD and CNC capabilities to meet your specific design/build requirements.   During the design process, we provide you with detailed 3D images of your custom industrial grade cabinetry to […]
October 2, 2014

Popular Accessories to Improve Enclosures Performance

Protecting your investment since 1999 our American made Dust Free PC Enclosure products and accessories are designed to protect and enhance the performance of sensitive electronic equipment in even the harshest working environment.   Increase the usability and performance of your industrial enclosure cabinetry with these industry proven accessories:   Green Cord Thermostatically controlled power cords…SIMPLE and GREEN The Green Fan Cord will automatically turn your AC cooling fan on when the system heat rises, then turn it off when the system heat drops, allowing the fan to run only during those times when the system calls for additional cooling. […]
September 30, 2014

We make a Mini Cleanroom for your PC’s, Printer and Servers

Today’s work floor environment depends on accurate and reliable computers, servers, printers and workstations to keep your business up and running.  It’s no secret that PC’s are expensive and you’re probably tired replacing them.  It’s also no secret that PC’s operating in hot, dusty and dirty work environments are destined to fail…sooner than later.   Left unprotected, mission critical electronics quickly become clogged with dust and grim, producing data errors and leading to costly work interruption, stoppage and eventual PC failure.    Dust Free PC Protects Your Investment Keeping airborne debris from entering and damaging your critical electronic hardware, Dust […]
August 19, 2014

Want to Eliminate Production Downtime?

If you work in a dusty, dirty, heat ridden environment, you know that production downtime and corrupted data can be a costly reality.  Harsh and demanding work floor environments are often the rule for most industrial computer applications with just about everything being harmful to expensive electronic equipment and production hardware systems. Strong electrical fields created inside computers, monitors and other mission critical electronics act like magnets attracting damaging dust and corrosive elements into your hardware. Even small amounts of dust particles, corrosive gasses and other contaminants inside the PC’s can quickly lead to corrosion and overheating of sensitive computer […]
August 19, 2014

Client Facility Burns to the Ground

Unfortunately, one of our longstanding clients, a major automotive aftermarket provider, lost one of its facilities to fire over the 4th of July weekend. This devastating fire reduced the location to a pile of smoldering ashes; virtually destroying everything except the Dust Free PC Environmental Server Enclosure, which seemed to remain pretty much intact. The head of the recover team reported “The building is a total loss, and there’s a lot of heat, water and smoke damage to the server enclosure, so the possibility of recovering any data is very slim, but we’re sure going to try”.  Well guess what? […]
July 14, 2014

Industrial Server Enclosures for Harsh Work Environments

Protecting your investment since 1999 our American made Dust Free PC enclosure products and accessories are designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment form damaging heat, dust and debris in even the harshest of working environments. Our wide range of standard and custom NEMA style Server Enclosures deliver industry proven and affordable solutions to fit the specific needs and budget of even the harshest of working environments.   Dust Free PC Server Enclosures create a MINI CLEAN-ROOM for your hardware. With over 10,000 units deployed our industry tough Server Enclosures keep airborne debris from entering and damaging your critical hardware. The […]
June 19, 2014

Dust is Your #1 Enemy

Leading electronic manufactures and IT experts estimate that up to 70% of computer hardware problems in production environments are caused by dust, dirt and grime. Even small amounts of dust or grime settling in your PC will cause loss of valuable data and result in premature system failure. Dust enters your computers 24/7 Electrical fields created within computers, printers, servers and monitors act as strong magnets pulling dust and corrosive materials onto sensitive internal components. While fans work hard to remove excess heat, they also act as a vacuum, sucking harmful airborne particles into your equipment. Dust causes serious computer […]