NEMA Computer Enclosures – Dust Free PC

NEMA Computer Enclosures – Dust Free PC Since 1926, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (known as NEMA) has help develop and set the standard for companies in North America who design and manufacturer electrical equipment, components and accessories. Today, NEMA is more closely associated with NEMA enclosures, including computerized workstations that are used across a broad spectrum of industrial applications, manufacturing companies, service centers and shop environments. For example, if you are mounting an electrical component, NEMA ratings establish the minimum requirements for an enclosure to protect electrical equipment from dust, dirt, water, oil, ice, or any other chemical element or airborne particles the component may encounter when operated in its workplace surroundings. Dust Free PC offers custom designs for NEMA computer enclosures manufactured from industrial tough ABS thermoplastic to meet NEMA 4, 12 and 4X ratings. Moreover, our NEMA workstation enclosures can be built to house computers, printers and barcode equipment in a climate-controlled plant or distribution center environment without problems caused by overheating or icing. Each of our NEMA 4 computer enclosures are built to protect your employees from personal access to dangerous electrical components and are type-dependent designated to protect equipment from your specific environmental hazards, including corrosive agents that can damage sensitive electronic circuitry. We understand that determining the right NEMA enclosure or NEMA workstation enclosure can be difficult and depends upon each unique industrial, commercial or business setting. Our staff is always ready to assist with your needs to prevent human injuries as well as early equipment failures that cost you money.

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