Air Conditioned Computer Enclosures - Dust Free PC

Air Conditioned Computer Enclosures - Dust Free PC Although you may not be a computer geek, it isn’t difficult to understand the critical role that computers play in keeping your business office, production facility, distribution center or retail environment running smoothly each month. Unfortunately, what is often overlooked is the build-up of dust and air particles that can and surely does affect the performance of electronic equipment. In offices and hotter than normal work environments, excess heat due to a build up of dust as well as blankets of dust covering computer components, CPUs and hard drives can cause your system to retain heat. In addition, without the right air condition computer enclosures, blocked vents make it much more difficult for internal fans to dissipate the additional heat that can damage the system. Since the electrical circuitry that powers the internal components constantly produce heat, it doesn’t take long for a decrease in system efficiency and an undesirable amount of wear and tear on equipment that stores vital data and runs software applications that keep you in business to occur. This is why Dust Free Pc air condition computer enclosures are manufactured from industrial tough ABS materials to provide the protection your business needs. Whether you need an air conditioned barcode printer enclosure, air conditioned server enclosure, air conditioned computer workstation enclosure, tabletop air conditioned enclosure or air conditioned workstation enclosure, our dust free pc enclosures are made in America and available in NEMA type 12, 4 and 4X as well as Btu ratings of 1000 or 2000. Moreover, server enclosure accessories like security locks, silencers, splash guards and temperature gauges are optional for any enclosure design that you select.

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