Often a small or home office area does not have enough computers and workstations to justify installing a full-size server rack. Moreover, people have grown tired of having a PC server running under their desk, trapping heat, and gathering dust. When there is little to no room, Dust Free PC has a perfect solution for mounting high up on a wall and getting your electronic equipment off the floor. For too long, sensitive computers have lived under a desk (or anywhere people could find space) to keep equipment out of the way. Our wall mount PC server enclosure offers an alternative for rack installations when equipment does not need to be connected to your server room. Dust Free PC has a unique wall mount rack that keeps your computer in a secure location while minimizing the space needed. In fact, our wall mount PC server enclosure is ideal for your home office and can be mounted to any flat surface like inside a small IT closet. As an added bonus, each wall mount enclosure has double doors that seal to act like a giant computer air filter. In addition to keeping airborne debris from entering and damaging expensive equipment, our functional design allows for more than adequate air flow and has plenty of room to easily manage cables in and out of the dust free enclosure. Constructed of industrial tough ABS materials, each wall mount PC server enclosure will work seamlessly with your wireless network. For old-school installations, the large double doors provide easy access to your server’s connections and drives.

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